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FoodQuest TQ is a technology company with a patented suite of six tools designed to assist small to mid-size companies manage risk. With over 185 years of food safety, food defense and computer programming experience, the staff at FoodQuest TQ is uniquely designed to support food companies to identify, respond to and mitigate food safety and food defense events at their location. FoodQuest TQ uses large data repositories from public information, gathered 24-7 from the World Wide Web and then structures that data to produce and compare quantitative risk values that are used to score food defense and food safety assessment results. We call this quantitative risk value a “Threat Quotient.” The definition of a “Threat Quotient” is the probability that a specific type of event will occur. FoodQuest TQ is located in Frederick, MD and collaborates with Argonne National Laboratory. FoodQuest TQ is a proud member of the National Food Protection Collaboratory, which is a web-based, world-wide community of people dedicated to the goal of keeping the world’s food supply safe and abundant. Along with the rest of the food industry, FoodQuest TQ uses the NFPC portal as our home base to gather, in one spot, and share all of the information that the food industry needs to produce safe, abundant food at reasonable cost.

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Bart Michelson – Chief Operating Officer



John Hnatio – Chief Science Officer


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National Food Protection Collaboratory 

The National Food Protection Collaboratory (NFPC) is a web-based, world-wide community of people, businesses and organizations dedicated to the goal of keeping the world’s food supply safe and abundant.

The NFPC community brings food growers, producers, processors, manufacturers, distributors, transporters and retailers from across the globe together by connecting common interests of food supply chain suppliers and their customers. Using the world’s best scientific, engineering and research talent, our mission is to provide practical science-based knowledge and technology tools to the food industry. NFPC stakeholders will better perform their supply chain responsibilities of helping to safely deliver widely-available, affordable, wholesome and nutritious foods to the consumer 


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